Sunday, 19 December 2010

Striped Button-Up Cardigan

Striped Button-Up Cardigan was released in Fall 2009 along with some other items. This awesome Cardigan was released by the DKNY brand and its original price is 22$. What I love from this jacket is the fact that it isn't a dark piece of clothing but I see tons of users wearing it and still having an alternative style. I've never really thought I'd like some jacket with green and gray stripes. Here's the Stardoll version:

This jacket is originally from Donna Karan New York (DKNY). I personally prefer the Stardoll version. On the picture below you can also see the real life version of another 2 DKNY items (Two Tone Scarf & Patterned Wool Skirt):


  1. I would wear that in real life x3

  2. I would SO wear that in real life! I also have the cardigan in Stardoll, and the scarf, and the checked L-S top underneath the cardigan. They're so awesome!

  3. I would definately wear it in real life but in Stardoll I don't have anything to match with it! D: