Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The calendar

The Ho-ho-holiday calender (this is not my idea) is here. You should have been informed by a message:

And the calendar itself looks like this:

I think it's both ss and non-ss, because when you open the square it gives you this:
Todays's gifts are useless. I hope they will get better some time.


  1. You're never happy -_-

  2. we're dark people, of course we're not happy with mainstream stuff :D

  3. @Anonymous:
    read some posts from the previous month about Anarchy on Stardoll inspired outfits and Sunny Bunny collection and you'll see sometimes we're indeed very happy with what they do.

    I just noticed it has 31 day, not 25, so I suppose we'll be getting stuff througout all December

  4. I must agree the 2 first items are awful! Hope the next ones will be more interesting...