Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Some updates

Stardoll want us to be more and more competitive. Basically we win trophies for everything now. Check your e-mail or read it below:

Make a good party, invite talkative friends and you can become more popular and richer. I'm not a big fan of parties actually, so this doesn't mean much to me.

Another update we had is taking pictures to our suites.

See the red circle on the right side of the picture? Just click there and mobilize your medoll and suite. I like this idea. Pictures on our presentations always give a really nice and creative touch to our pages.


  1. Well that part y thing is only for superstars. :/

  2. party pooper awards! stardoll can you think of somthing for both non ss and ss

  3. I agree about the whole party planning thing! >.< Though I believe that indeed the pictures are a creative touch on our presentation. If Stardoll wouldn't put the ******* for silly reasons it would be better and much easier! >.<

  4. they need awards for other stuff. all of the awards are beauty pageants, blah blah blah
    why not intelligence?
    we cant live in a world of bimbos!!