Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Voile Holiday Boutique

It has already been here for a week or so but none of us felt much need to comment on it. It's not original, yes. You can't say anything bad about it but neither you can say anything good. Yes all the clothes are ss except some hideous pair of shoes, a belt likes of which you can find in nearly every store and unsurprisingly ugly necklace, but this has become a tradition so I just don't feel like mentioning it as a big thing. Enjoy the advertisement:

I don't feel like posting pictures of the store. If you want you can see it for yourself. I don't give a warm crap.

If you feel like missing my posts if I'm deleted, report user called hello8Sunny. She reported me, and I quote her "thats a facked up mouth u got there haha at least my mouth doesn't look like that trailor trash ass mouthat looks rotten and no teeth r there i bet thats how it looks in real life *** **** u just hatin cuz im pretty **** **"
that's so fucking original. *clap clap* (Yes it is sarcastic clap this time)


  1. What a loser! I reported her because I'm mean and I enjoy see others in pain >.> "evil laugh"

  2. Reported! ikr, seriously > .>

  3. Tsaah, reported >:'d. Shitty people on Stardoll<3

  4. I guess someones grandmother put that "collection" together.