Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Stardoll Royalty

I've recently been added to the Stardoll Royalty and I couldn't resist at sharing my disappointment with you. I've already knew that this club was quite lame, but not that much! What's so royalty about a club which members with less than 500starpoints can enter? What's so great about a club which users that only log in weeks after weeks can enter? I personally don't feel much difference after entering SR, but Stardoll is just showing how money maker and stupid they are.
I remember that only users who were really active and kind of creative could only enter on that club. Now, more than 600 members are entering everyday.

Only by purchasing stardollars or superstar membership you automatically become a royalty member.
I don't mean to say that most users don't deserve to enter the club. I'm just fed up of how stupid Stardoll has become years after years.
And for those who are desperate about having a diamond on their username just forget it. It's pointless.
Thankfully there are still members who don't give a fuck about royalty.


  1. I'm a member since it was created. And it has never been special i-i'~
    I wish I could leave the club, but it's not possible X_X'~
    It sucks :/

  2. I don't own a club and I'm a member of only a few, mainly about free stuff ;)
    Most clubs are pointless, stupid and childish. SR fits like a glove with this description. Never intended to be part of this club. I have received nothing for a welcoming gift (which would have been nice since it's supposed to be so exclusive...*cough-bullshit-cough*).
    Manly, I've had ppl come talk to me or post in my GB about it or cuz they see the blue-diamond and suddenly want to be friends.

  3. I am stardoll royalty and I never thought I'm 'special' because of that. The only thing that makes me pissed so many new people join is because they all make really dumb pointless spaming topics. And thousands of 'vote me, rate me, buy from me'...
    I always liked the club because nobody spamed and people talked about 'real' things.
    And now they let anyone over 200(!!) starpoints in who threw enough money at stardoll.

  4. Please I wouldn't care less about the Stardoll Royalty thing! At first I was really curious about it but now you just confirmed me how stupid this is! Thank you! xP

  5. Well,i'm not in this club and i don't wanna be cuz i think thats so unfair for other members! They must pay to join in the club and also propably everybody there advertising clubs,covergirl,sales e.t.c so i don't wanna be in such a pathetic and lame place -.- ..can i avoid it ? I MEAN if be a stardoll.''royalty'' member can i leave the club?

  6. Mary, you can't. Once you enter the club you just can't leave unless you stop being superstar. And you're right. In 1000 posts, only 2 or 3 are about interesting things. They only use the club for advertising themselves or playing stupid games --'

  7. the club sucks. to be honest it is like any odanary club except you get a diamond so why are people waning it so much when it doesn't do anything?! (princes_dumini)

  8. Bahh I don't want to be in it but then you know I don't want to ever stop buying superstar -.- I'm just glad I'm not in it :DD

  9. woahhh o .O Today, I bought myself another Prepaid card and suddenly I found a diamond by my name. Wtf? I just commented yesterday, I haven't even been a SS for a year yet! This is soooo messed up.

  10. what I hate about stardoll royalty, is that the people who got in about six months ago and further back, actually worked to get to where they were. It used to be a club that people were proud to be in but now stardoll got lazy and lets any old noob in. -.- i am really starting to hate stardoll atm

  11. I remember i was added in it when it was freshly made- when stardoll added those really awesome members,creative and active... But now- i'm just dissapointed. became such a stupid place to be in.........

  12. I've been a member since the beginning. It's always been lame. All it does is make some members feel like they're better than others. The discussions were always stupid just like all the other clubs.

  13. I am in the club since the beginning and I don't see how you can talk bad about a club you don't know.
    Nobody there thought they are better in any way.
    And there are no 'I am so awesome' topics.
    We talk about things we want to. We have NO troll, perverted or hate topics AT ALL like other clubs do.
    People there are friendly because they enjoy and love stardoll.
    And if anyone doesn't want to be there then just don't go there.

    And yes, it used to be that you have to be SS for over a year.. but now stardoll is getting worse and worse and let's people in who haven't even been on stardoll for 6 month but stocked up their SD.
    NOW there are hundreds of Spam, vote me, rate me and sale topics. THat's why we were rude to the new people. It just annoyed us.
    I wish this talking about royalty would stop. We are a club like any other one and we just want peace and to enjoy ourselves.

  14. i want to ask you something...if someone's superstar days expired does she lose the diamond over her picture???

  15. The club used to be good, there was only a few people active and we all knew each other, not that stardoll have added loads of people its rubbish, theres to many annoying topics about cover girl, and i'm new yay.

    As soon as people get over the fact there in this club it will hopefully go back to the way it used to be.

    The club is filled will kind people, and no one in there things there better than anyone else just because there in the club.

    -Margaret278- Yes you lose the dimond if your superstar runs out, but you get it back again when you get renew.


  16. I'm not a member, but I've been an active (non-ss) member for 5 years now. However I'm not rewarded in anyway for loyalty to the site because I've never given them any money.

  17. @ Rachii

    Because 'loyalty' means 'money' in stardollish...

  18. I completely agree with Angel_of_HIM! Way to judge! Stardoll Royalty gives a lot of girls support and friends on stardoll, along with a little "family" style group.

  19. I joined back in 2008 , I was really happy , I DiDN'T give damn all about not being superstar cause I could still buy things ,.Now it's all BECOME SUPERSTAR ladi ladi dah , I remember it was just become superstar and this will come free, and everyone was everyone equal for a first and now ppl are waisting their money trying to become royalty I also remember if you where about to upgrade again it used to be the same price as it is now but more stardollars >:( x