Thursday, 30 December 2010


How old is Stardoll staff? I'm starting to think that they're less than 10 years old. That could only explain today's poll:

It seems that life is only about having a boyfriend and being famous on Stardoll. I've seen a lot of bad polls but this one is too pathetic to be real. It's like a combination of twilight and I-have-no-more-ideas-so-I-shall-put-nothing-as-the-last-option. Wondering what most users expect from 2011?

How shocking.
Stardoll could cultivate more maturity and intelligence to their users.


  1. Oh my God! They think that we're like pink, little, stupid girls with meaningless lifes and we can't do without boyfriends and stardoll! -.-" I never vote vote these polls, I don't even check them! I'm on stardoll because it's a creative site...At least I think so!

  2. dedicated! xD

  3. I can't choose between prince charming and fame...

    By the way, I know the next poll!
    Wat do you tink of the new Otto colection?
    1) SoOoOoOoOoOoOo Styl!sH
    2) It's okey.
    3) Witch colection?


  4. I can't tell you how much I love this blog :')

  5. they also wrote "Stardoll Miss World" instead of "Miss Stardoll World," something that they came up with and they wrote it wrong

  6. yeah I think they are "veeery" childish. I really can't believe that the only 2 options are prince charming, stardoll miss world (miss stardoll world xD) or....nothing.


  7. z0mg! its da m0st stylishhhh p0ll eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111one one one
    No. -_-

  8. Stardoll thinks that all users there are brain-dead little girls who LOOOOOVE Twilight & pink.

  9. Oh dear...thank god I missed this one cuz I almost chocked on my "bolo rei" :D
    You know? I think they really have 10yo making up these polls cuz no one above 12 can be this stupid. Can it???

  10. Thats pretty bad. But you know there are those girls out there who think that was the best poll. I think the people who do the poll just quickly put it in there and pulling these things out of their ass so they can just put something. I don't even think that they think about what there putting.

  11. That's horrible! they think we are so stupid... life is not always money and fashion! we are humans!¬¬ sometimes I really hate Stardoll

  12. For f*cks sake Stardoll!! *Facepalm*.

  13. my votes nothing.
    i really think stardolls thinking that most of us are little childish babys that dress up in pink dress's and where million dollor glittering pink makeup...ahhh

  14. I have a question, but in Stardolls new poll, the question is: do you like skiiing?
    is it skiiing or skiing?
    And in one of the questions it says I've Never Tried and theres no puncuation so why the capitals?

  15. LMAO xD
    I bet the Stardoll Staff still play with barbies (even the boys) and think that fairies and unicorns are real xD