Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Gothic Divine

There isn't many dark blogs out there and I feel like we should stick together. So, in association with BallerinaDark, we decided to present you their blog, Gothic Divine Magazine. Check it out here.

As you probably figured out, it is a gothic blog. Their posts are about anythig gothic - music, brands, perfumes, beauty tips etc.

The blog originated on Stardoll actually. It's called GothicDivine and it's one of the biggest goth clubs with almost 1000 members.

You can join it here. I'd tell you what the topics are about, but you better take a look:

Now don't be shy and go check them out!


  1. Im a blog and club follower. I love both :]

  2. Wow thanks !! Very well done article:) I hope more of you "dark side followers" will join bot my club and blog ♥ Thanks again ♥