Friday, 9 July 2010

The New Stardoll

I've done a guide. The new Stardoll has new features that can become a little bit confusing. So here we go:

1. The start page:

2. The page where you can check the new items, polls and members:

3. On the top of that page, you can see how many people you have on chat, and any message you got. If it's pink it means you have new messages.

4. Now the suite. You have all the tools on the right side. It's very easy.

5.The guestbook is on the right side of your presentation.

Click on the red sign for answering.

6.The shop section:

The Search bar is useful for searching clothes sellable at the moment.

Okay it looks a lot different. But I think we'll get used to it. At least we're not having that much pink :D
Remember the Makeover page? Click here so you can watch a little guide and get helped. You can also give your opinion.

What do you think of the new Makeover?


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  2. I hate it. A new color, no more pink, that would be great. but this? everything is messed up and it's confusing. damn you, Stardoll.

  3. oh yeah, and the banners (or whatever) on the right > they don't work any more :|

  4. I hate the new look, blah! it's too pink/purple & I hate change so it's all weird