Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Free Bella Cullen wedding dress

Stardoll hasn't been very much interesting this year so far. To lighten up the matter, though, they decided to give ze users a chance to feel like a character in "one of our favorite movies of the season"*, - dress up in Bella Cullen's amazing wedding dress** ***
To participate, you have to style your doll like Bella (not necessarily, though I'd like to see some iron masks which would make the impression of someone actually having tried), take a photograph (or use an old one, as did I) and send it to the contest. Then you receive a free dress, which looks like this:

Top that, (blood)suckers.

* an actual quote
** an actual quote
*** authors opinion may not be the same as in advertisement


  1. It's a very beautiful dress!!! I'll get mine soon!!! =)

  2. The dress it so beautiful. I love it. ^.^ I got mine! YAY!

  3. Really like the dress!

  4. Nah', I don't like it. Espacially because it's from the Twilight boring stuff...

  5. The Antagonist has arrived....