Saturday, 21 January 2012

Stylist Studio

Yesterday, we received a message, inviting us to buy the new feature, which is a Stylist studio. I wasn't exactly sure what it's for, but I bought it and checked it out.
The current price, 149 stardollars, is only temporary and at the moment only Stardoll royalty can buy the studio. That will probably change later. Once you buy it and start styling, some sort of a career card appears next to your nickname in guestbooks etc.

So what it basically is, is a place where you style other people's dolls.
1. First you need a customer.
2.Once they "get in line", you can style their MeDoll with items that are in the shops at the moment. That's not one of my favorite parts because they could add the items the person already has, that would make it much easier.
3. When you're done with the styling, you send it to the client and it appears in your portfolio. They can either buy it or not. When someone buys your outfit, you get 10% of the cost of all the items.
But it seems like a nice idea to me, one of the best ones lately. Did anyone buy it?


  1. yay 1st comment :))

    I bought it and I LOVE it!If someone buys something from the outfit you sent him you will get as much money as the clothe costs in starplaza the outfit there is a fallen angel top and the top in the shop costs 5stardollars.If the client buys the top FROM YOUR OUTFIT and not FROM THE SHOP you get the 5stardollars!And that's pretty cool cus you can make a lot of mon ey from that studio!I also believe that the studio is pretty cheap in relation to the new Alpine chalet which costs !!250 STARDOLLARS!!!!!!
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    I <3 this blog!

  2. you get 10 percent of the cost not the whole price. if they buy 10 sd then you get 1.

  3. Soo costly any got tips to buy it for free?

  4. I hv 1, my doll is called blingselaria1

  5. so sad i dont have any stylist studio :(