Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer Gift-O-Meter

Most users are truly disappointed with Stardoll for the Summer Gift-o-Meter. Besides the fact that all the clothes were ugly and basic, the final surprise gift was the cheapest thing Stardoll could ever give us.
Starting on week 1, here's all the clothes of Summer Gift-o-Meter:

And finally, the final surprise gift is an interior. An ugly and vulgar interior that doesn't cost 800$ for sure:

And this is the proof how Money-Making Stardoll has become. They made us spend 800$ on cheap clothes, making us believe the final surprise would be something spectacular. If some of you were thinking about spending the 200$ this week, don't. It's not worth it.


  1. I only like this black dress (50SD), blue dress (50SD) and yellow dress (200SD).

    Oh and this is the suprise??? :O


  2. these gift-o-meters are just one more way of Stardoll persuading us to spend money. we're suppose to think we get more, but actually they take more..