Thursday, 24 June 2010

July Hot Buys

The skirt is the best piece in my opinion. I also think the green bow is quite cute. But there aren't much more interesting pieces though.

Release dates:
Hot Buys Head Bow - Pretty in Pink, July 1st
Hot Buys Heart Shades - Splendid, July 3rd
Hot Buys Patch Dress - Pretty in Pink, July 6th
Hot Buys Sandals - Folk, July 8th
Hot Buys Peace Shirt - Fudge, July 10th
Hot Buys Knee Socks - Evil Panda, July 12th
Hot Buys Earrings - Splendid, July 14th
Hot Buys Stud Skirt - Bisou, July 22nd
Hot Buys Dress - Rio, July 27th
Hot Buys Striped Bag - Bisou, July 30th


  1. Im loosing my mind because that stupid glitchy stardoll never make nothing normal! At first that pretty in pink hotbuys head bow was sooo big like its zoomed in but it wan`t and now when it got normal i bought it but it isnt in my suite it shows me that i own it but it isnt in my room ahh I`m soo mad ... maybe it`s over reacted but I can`t help it because it is not the first time when stardoll is messing up stuff

  2. maybe it's in your MeDoll editor?

  3. Ups It is there but still why ? because it has to be in pretty in pink shop which means it hasn`t be in the MeDoll editor when you buy it. Stardoll had to put it in Splendid then DUNNO o_0

    THANKS :)