Monday, 14 June 2010

Stardoll Pals

It's a good idea from Stardoll. Now we can choose a doll and make her like a friend on our suite. It's an original idea, however it's too expensive. You'll pay 70$ for each doll which I find over the top.

Here's the pal I chose:

Awww we look lovely :D


  1. I actually hate the idea. paying 70$ for another MeDoll you can't even customise is horrid.

  2. I know right X'D Stardoll is a mess. But he was too lovely for letting him on starplaza... all alone :(

  3. Um, I think thats cool they're for non superstarts, And I would buy this Kurt Cobain PAL, I like Kurt Cobain very much..but no offence, it looks like a woman -_-
    70 SD is too much I think..-_-
    but cool anyway, I like that PAL what you chose ;]


  4. he looks like goddamn emo, but why the hell is he wearing the Misfits T-shirt? everyone knows the Misfits is a punk band. Stupid Stardoll. And Kurt Cobain, or whatever, looks like shit.

  5. I agree with the thing about Kurt. They could make a more manly face :D