Monday, 4 July 2011

Endangered Specie

This month endangered specie is the beautiful Bald Eagle. It's very well designed so I recommend you to get yours by clicking here.

As you can read on the Stardoll page, the bald eagle endangerment has been due to pollution and hunting but, fortunately, this animal population is now known to be stable and may soon lose its endangered status. That's a real photo of one:


  1. I love that animal..its pretty :)

  2. My schools' mascot is the bald eagle, in America. In our lobby, there is a large glass case bolted to the floor. Inside is a bald eagle, with its wings spread out. It was killed by a tractor and mounted and donated to our school. It is a very large bird, and very majestic looking.

  3. It looks great and elegant. Luckily, it's not under a big threat ...i got mine the other day...