Monday, 11 July 2011

Goth Types

Before I start I want to make clear that Gothic people are the reflection of darkness in the world so there are many kinds of individuals within the Gothic subculture. With this post I pretend to give a perspective of those different types, not to label or stereotype but showing off the different ways to define the gothic world. And it’s okay to feel related with a set of people with distinct behaviour and beliefs and to feel inspired by them.

Firstly, I think it's important to give you guys the definition of Goth. Although it is a very controversial definition, I guess it’s a matter of self opinion and view.

Most Goth people have:

1-A strong interest by the dark: Goths are interested in the dark side of life, just like dark art visions, Gothic literature or graveyards and creepy houses.

2-A predominance of black: And yes, there are exceptions, but most Goths do wear a large amount of black. Even the Cyber Goths (which incorporate a lot of bright colours in their outfits) like to match them with black.

3-An alternative lifestyle: Just like not entering the usual expected path in most societies.

4-A love for "dark" music: which means that Goths, whether they listen to Deathrock or Darkwave or Gothic Metal, all these kinds of music are considered "dark" for their lyrics or for the sound itself.

There are way too many different types of Gothic, so I chose 10 of the most interesting groups, in my opinion.

Cyber Goth

The “cybergoth” term might be used to describe their “dark future”. These characters worship futurism and technology, they adore bright colours and they listen to dance music. As you can see, they seem to be the opposite of a typical Goth so why are they still included in the Gothic world? It could be because their music (Electronic Body Music being one of their music choices) are commonly too depressing and too deep for other dance fans. It could be because their style derives from Goth elements.

You can usually find Cybergoths wearing crazy pony falls, goggles and futuristic rave-inspired clothing.


These are considerate as the “missing link” between Goths and Punks. Deathrockers are huge music geeks and lovers of obscure bands and horror movies. They’re also known to have a very satirical sense of humour.

In style matters, they’re easily recognised by the abundant use of ripped fishnets, huge Mohawks and strong make-ups. Deathrock bands, (for example Anorexic Dread and The Last Day of Jesus) are their main music influences.


Gothabilly is a rare breed of Goth with particular tastes in music and wardrobe.

Visually, they’re seen as “brighter Goths” with glammy make-ups, vivid tattoos, bats, skulls or cherry accessories, all combined with polka dot clothing.

Gothabilly bands have horror, monsters, ghosts, paranormal and vampires music themes. They’re also themes of sadness and aggressive behaviours. Some bands are Cult Of The Psychic Fetus or Vampire Beach Babes.

Mopey Goth

Mopey Goths represent the most common stereotype of our society, related with any people in the Gothic world. Our society tends to relate anyone dressed in black to depression and sadness which is, obviously, completely wrong. However, the Mopey Goths regard all those who actually take the whole “dark” aspect of Goth far too seriously. They’re depressed and angsty persons with anti social tendencies. Their music is anything sad and they’re also known by wearing full black.

Romantic Goth

The romantic Goths embrace the view that darkness and beauty are one in the same. They’re very sentimental, creative and dreamy persons with a love of literature and poetry. They find beauty in dead nature, skulls, the night and graveyards.

In their wardrobe you might find Victorian or Medieval inspired clothes with a lot of black and occasional deep red, purple and green.

Vampire Goth

There are Goths who set vampires as the centre of their worlds. This people have pale skin, they avoid the sunlight and they’re inspired by dark period clothing. They might love red wine and wear black capes and sunglasses when going out during the day. They’re obviously huge fans of Dracula movies and Anne Rice books and their chosen songs are about vampires.

Victorian Goth

Victorian Goths are classic individuals, very spiritual and not so aggressive like the other Goth types. Edgar Allan Poe may be a great passion of these Goths as well as theatres, masquerades, poetry and tea parties. Their musical preferences are Opera and Classical and Victorian-inspired bands. They can be recognized by their dark Victorian style with long lacy dresses, gloves, corsets, hats and canes.

Corp Goth

Goths grew up and started to work in big corporations. This branch is the result of the attempt of creating a certain style that could give them a real job while not totally sacrificing their dark and morbid fashion sense. Kinda like a balance between personal taste and “professional” look.

So how do they look like? They can be found wearing dark suits, velvet, spiders/crosses shaped jewellery, hats and a few more dark accessories. There are more and more people adopting this style for working.


Do Metalheads fit in the Gothic world? This is a very controversial question and I personally think that the answer depends on your definition of Goth.

There are 2 different opinions. Some Goths and Metalheads believe that both groups have different origins and musical tastes as well as in clothing choices. However, some individuals agree that both types have a lot of similarities just like the black clothing preferences and the love for dark things.

Metalheads can be identified by the Band t-shirts, long hair (specially on guys), black leather and studs and a pair of combat boots.

Trad goth

This is the original Goth, developed in the 70/80’s. They’re very found of certain Goth bands like Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy or Bauhaus. Their look was highly influenced by Punk, so you could find them wearing fishnet shirts, vinyl pants, funerary clothes, leather skirts and fishnet stockings all combined with heavy make-up and huge backcombed dark hair.

As certain branches, like Cyber Goth, are growing, Trads believe that Goth is dead. They’re seen by many as the most respectful type of Goth ever.

Do you guys have any favourite Goth type? Feel related with it? Give us your opinion!


  1. Awesome!!! Its hard to find the better xD

    PS: Is Maja on picture of Metalhead? o.0

  2. for me it's hard to choose too x0
    they all look very interesting..

  3. yap.I like romantic,vampires,mopey and victorian.A question.Am I a vampire goth?People who wear gothic crosses are goths? Please,answer.:)

  4. Well, I think all types are awesome!!! But I like most of Gothabilly and Metalhead...
    @JanyRitcher6: I think it is Maja too ^^

  5. is gothabilly like pinup girls?

  6. Although this sounds sometimes a little stereotypical, some goths try really hard to fit in that stereotype (I mean, serious!).
    Somehow all of these are part of me, but I'm none of them.

  7. I am definitely a metalhead. 95% of my clothing consists of band T-shirts. Although, I do really like the Victorian and Romantic Goth. I love that type of clothing, the corsets and the big dresses, the literature and poetry inspired by dark things.

  8. I love the cybergoth style. It's somewhat similar to steampunk, but more vibrant. Romantic goth is also beautiful, very elegant but dark :3

  9. @Lolafairy1999 I can't tell if you're a vampire goth or not because I don't know you xD And wearing gothic crosses doesn't make you a goth. It comes from your personality also (:
    @Anonymous They're similar. But gothabilly is more darkish.

  10. @Hellstorm
    Oh.I think this because I am a bit goth and I like vampires.:D

  11. I dress a bit like mopey goths but I'm more into Victorian Goths! I think they're the ones that survived during time since Middle Age.

  12. Yeap, u forgot Steampunk - although similar to Cyber Goth, Steampunk is inspired in the victorian era and industrial revolution which means they have a 300 year fashion gap.
    Not defending Steampunk, it's actually one of my least favorite goth types just trying to separate and at the same time relate both types :)
    I was a Metalhead up to my early 20's, right now I'm a cross between a Romantic and Corp Goth ;p

  13. @anaKonda, I forgot nothing, I just chose 10 groups :D There are much more just like Steampunk, The Hippy Goth, Gothic Lolita, Rivethead...

  14. Looks like You seen I thought it will be more about the music types, not clothes :/ Back to the topic, I don't find myself goth in any way. Though, I listen to some goth music...

  15. All of those types are awesome! Especially Corp Goth, that is actually kick ass.

    If I'd fit into any category, it'd probably be gothic lolita or harajuku.

  16. @Astrumi: the post was about types of goth. imo gothic styles aren't just about music, like the metal types, but it's more about what they wear. it can be inspired by music and PinkPunkGirly did write about some bands too so I think she did great.

  17. Well i totaly fit into the Metalhead category but i do love the Vampire Goth and Victorian.:]

  18. ...Woah. Despite what people around me say (I mean, people who are know more about the Gothic lifestyle as well as others) I've never seen myself as too Gothic before now, but I can see a lot of aspects of myself in these. I especially love the photos, the pretty pictures make me happy. :-)
    As for my favourite types...I love all of them, but I have a soft spot for Victorian Goths, Cyber Goths and Death Rockers. (Their hair! *_*) I didn't know much about Metalheads apart from the obvious, but from what I've seen here they seem pretty freaking amazing too.

  19. I really like the Gothabilly and metalhead :)

  20. I can really relate to Gothabilly,Vampire,Romanthic and Victorian and I'm not even goth but I can see those trates in me o.o.I love anything Vampire,Victorian,Rockabilly etc. I also think that Cybergoth is pretty neat because of how they dress.

  21. @AnaKonda - Steampunk is a style of it's own, like lolita, kawaii, goth, punk etc.

  22. I love Trad Goth and Gothabilly style :D

  23. The Alexi Laiho picture made the post even better:)
    I don't think metalhead is a part of Goth culture, though.

  24. I think i m a mopey because i wear full black and my all the songs I like are SAAAAD

  25. I am a Gothic Lolita. You have forgotten about Lolitas ='( From these, I am more into Romantic and Vampire Goth. (I am 2012superfilm)

  26. I like Romanctic, Victorian and and Vampire Goth...

  27. I love literature that has a dark flair. I also love Alice in Wonderland, which I sense a dark flair to. I also love rennissance festivals.


  28. If I were more bold, I would be a cyber goth in dress. But I dress more like a Gothabilly ;D

  29. I think the Cyber Goth style is kind of cute even though I'm not a goth. ;D

  30. I love Deathrocker and Gothabilly. (:

  31. I'm more of a mopey goth and also a romantic one but i love vampires also!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I prefer to call these Ravers "Cybers", without goth.
    There is absolutely no similarity with Goths. They listen to Techno, look like clowns and they just suck.

  33. im a 100% cybergoth mixed with 60% rivethead acording to a goth quiz since i love computers, machines, electronic, and industrial music.

  34. im a cyber goth definetly

  35. I am a gothabilly

  36. I'm romantic and metal mixed! But i dont really like to categorise myself!!

  37. Am a metalhead full out. I look normal wear and have long hair that's down to my pecks. I have no beard I don't like them at all to itchly.