Thursday, 28 July 2011

MissVampire interview

This is the last writer interview with me, MissVampire. Here's the basics; I've been on Stardoll for 5 years now and writing for our blog for one and a half. I'm 18, bisexual and a huge metal lover. Now off to the interview.

What's your bad habits that you want to stop? - asimeniana
I think my biggest bad habit is that I'm too lazy. I know it's usually a good thing to live in the now and not think about the future too much, but I'm slacking off when I should be studying and spending time with friends when I should be doing something else.

Who is your favorite designer? - XxladyXxgaga
Alexander McQueen. I didn't even like fashion before him, he totally changed the way I look at it. For me, he's the "non-mainstream" part of fashion.

If you could have a super power, what would it be and why? - XxladyXxgaga
I would love to read minds. I find people's minds and their ideas so fascinating. Some of them are sick though and some are so nice, you can never know what's under the surface. I'd also love to see what they really think of me. They wouldn't be able to lie to me then, how cool is that?

What time period in history most interests you? - RoyalRuby7395
I'm interested in the middle ages. I wouldn't live there, but I'm interested because of how the Church got so much power, how horrible their hygiene was, how they believed in witches, which torture devices they used, how they talked, how living in castles was, the inventions back then etc. I'm very interested in Vikings too.

If you could change anything in the world, what would you change? - misslolapink10
That's easy. I would erase all religions. I would stop people from believing in god(s) and make them think on their own. It's the only thing that I'm not open-minded about and think it's totally ridiculous.

What is your favorite place in the world and why? - Juliette
I've been to 9 countries so far, but I've never visited my favorite one, Finland. Why Finland? They have more than 185 thousand lakes with more than 175 islands on them, it's 75% covered with forests (talk about beautiful landscapes), the people are so nice, they have great music, there's so much snow, there's the northern lights, the polar nights and so much more. I feel like a Finland commercial now :P

What is your favorite band? - Juliette
Ensiferum, definitely. They've been my favorite band ever since I started listening to metal, which is 5 years ago or so. I think they'll stay my favorite, too. *loyalty* It pisses me off how some people e.g. claim Slipknot are their favorite band one day and Hannah Montana the next.

What's your biggest fear and why? - JanyRichter6
My biggest is the fear of drowning. I don't know why, but running out of air sounds like the worst way to go.

If you could go out for dinner with anyone, who would it be and why? - dood0609
I know this is gonna sound cheesy, but I'd choose my boyfriend. We've never actually been out for a real dinner so I think it would be nice.

Do you dress similarly in real life and on Stardoll? - Serendibite
There are definitely similarities. I love wearing super short shorts/skirts. I wear fishnets, too and I almost never wear long sleeves. I always wear at least one black piece combined with another color. I also use spiked bracelets, belts etc. as accessories + I have a tongue, belly button and 17 ear piercings. As for differences, I never wear knee-high boots, dresses or dye my hair. I like band shirts, too. To give you guys an example, here's a photo of me (on the right) and my friends wearing my clothes (the shoes aren't mine):

What is your favorite quotation? - Rubyluvv269
"Life is like taking a crap. It can take a long time or it can be short, it can be painful or it can feel good, but either way it gets flushed away in a moment in the end."

I know these photos suck, but I didn't know which ones to put up:


  1. Amazing!! I love the cat picture ^^

  2. Those are my very favorite time periods, too, and for exactly the same reasons. I'm interested in ways of life for people back then, especially the Catholic Church stuff (and the Inquisition) and things like that. And your cat looks EXACTLY like my cat. :P

  3. Wow!! thanks for answering my question :D

  4. This hasn't to do with this but anyway xD
    I love Nightwiish (It's because I saw the playlist xD)

  5. I love your favorite quotation! You yourself have written or is another author?

  6. I found it on the internet somewhere. I don't know who wrote it, but I remembered it. I guess it's pretty memorable (:

  7. Thanks for answering my question (:

  8. wOW You're so pretty. Nice interview!

  9. Well, the part where you said that you erase religions, well, I find it offensive because I'm muslim and I'm a very religious girl, seeing that comment really saddened me. :(