Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dark Designer #9

And here's the perfect designer for the Ville Valo, the 69 Eyes or Jonh Lennon fans! Her username is pannafretka. She's selling some Ville Valo designs for 15$ currently, so hurry up! Here's some of her fantastic works:


  1. I spent all my money on her designs and now I'm mad cause I can't buy more :(

  2. sh*t,i have just 6 sd...
    i hope she makes a ville t-shirt for me :P

  3. Hehe, lol yeah :)
    She's awesome at designing.

    I asked if she could make me a one of Justin Bieber's face, and she said she was, but she hasn't yet. lol

    I wanna ask her again, but then I might seem anoying and rude. lol