Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Delias shirts

Have you ever heard of Delias shirts? Stardoll uses alot of their prints. I'm sure you've noticed these on Stardoll:

You can check out their store here for more cause what I wanna talk about are the new arrivals.
There's two particularly important shrits that caught my attention. Here they are:

Why? NO FUR and VEGETARIAN print. Personally, I'm strongly against meat & fur and I think everyone should have these - even if you aren't vegetarian, just for support. It's really nice of Stardoll, I think they might actually care about animals. Here's the real life shirts and some other enviromental/animal friendly shirts:


  1. in which shop on stardoll can you buy them?
    p.s im a veggetarian

  2. yay, me too ^^ I think they're in Fudge and Bisou.