Friday, 16 April 2010

Goth Idoru doll

This post is about the Goth Idoru doll, as you've noticed. I think it's a mix of gothic and punk lolita. If you know the japanese trends, then you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise - click for goth lolita and click for punk lolita explanation.

It has elements of both - for example, the platform shoes. Those are pretty common in both styles. They're more gothic than punk really. Picture:


Another must have are the lace socks.


You add a dress I wrote about here and voila! Goth Idoru.


  1. there's an awesome shop here in Lithuania, it's called Fantasmagoria, and there are a lot of clothes like these. I can look for some similar pictures, or you can do it yourself. Their website

  2. I checked out that shop. it looks awesome :o it's not exactly my style, but I'd certainly buy if it was (: