Friday, 30 April 2010

Free Harumika Mannequin

For the UK people, you just need to click here to get the mannequin for free.

If you're not from UK, click here or here and copy and paste the following link in the blank box:

Log in to stardoll. Wait a few seconds and then you can close the site. Log in on stardoll in the normal way and you'll get the mannequin.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dress Inspired by Viktor & Rolf

This dress is currently on Starplaza. It's only for superstars and it costs 8$. Its not properly dark but I found the details of the dress very interesting. It would look much better in other color though. Here it is the stardoll version:

In real life its from Viktor & Rolf:

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Blood Red Skirt

This one is part of the Tingeling Halloween Couture too, it's the Blood Red Skirt. Originally it was green, but "blood red" is probably a better color. Originally, it costed 22$. Now it can rarely be found, but the prices are diverse (mine was 11$, but I've seen them sell for 60$ too.) If you know how, it can be used in many ways. Here it is:

Real life, it's Rodarte. The collection is from fall 09. As I've said, it's green, unlike the Stardoll version, and it's a bit longer too.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Antidote is out - ugly & overpriced.

Antidote is out already. Personally, I think it's ugly. There's only one black dress and even that one is shaped weirdly. The vinyl toys are way overpriced too, the only nice thing in my opinion is the LOVE table.

What do the users think about it? Poll results:

New Antidote

The last two seasons of Antidote were really awesome. The second season is still in the shop and you can see the first season here (click).
According to these new spoilers, I think the new collection is gonna be a big disappointment. Here's some nice pieces:

Monday, 26 April 2010

April Starplaza sale

I know I'm a bit late with the sale post this time, but still here it is. The April sale isn't that big, there's no Fallen Angel items that are on sale. An interesting thing to check out is the DKNY shop - some items are 75% lowered and more. These are my picks for the sale:

1: Big Black Wool Scarf, DKNY, 3$
2: Black Leather Gloves, DKNY, 3$
3: Soft Leather Hobo Bag, DKNY, 6$
4: Black Printed Leopard Tee, DKNY, 3$
5: McQueen Inspired Dress, Tingeling, 6$
6: Sheer Knee High Stockings, Voile, 1$

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dark Designer #10

Emotional-way is the username of our 10th dark designer. Well, she's pretty awesome in my point of view, since all her works are perfectly well made. She designed AC/DC, Green Day and Twilight stuff but she's currently selling 30 seconds to Mars and My Chemical Romance designs. Everything costs 8$:

New Dot Items Spoilers

Soon, it will happen something that I've been waiting for, for a long time. The black eyeshadow will come back! The new Dot items are great in my opinion. They will be released in a few days. Check them out:

Free Harajuku

New Harajuku bikini is out, this time it's Music. Just click here to get them (be sure that you're logged in).

Thursday, 22 April 2010

May Hot buys

The picture of the May Hot buys collection is now available on the magazine. Click here if you want to see the released days for each piece. It truly won't seem attractive for the dark people. The new collection is all about browns, whites and grays with very feminine clothes. Well, check it out:

'Design a stud' tutorial

I've seen alot of weird-looking designs before, so if you'll be doing anything dark, this studded look might help you as a detail. Just follow the easy steps, you're done in a minute. Click on each picture to magnify it.

1. Open StarDesign and sellect your desired background.

2. Choose a triangle shape (last shape in the first row) and place it on the background.

3. Choose another triangle, only this time rotate it for 90° clockwise and dye it very light gray.

4. Choose another triangle, rotate it for 180° and choose an even darker shade of gray.

5. Choose the last triangle, rotate it for 90° counter clockwise and use the darkest shade of gray.

6. You're done! You have the perfect 3D stud look.

Turkey clothes

The Turkish Children's Day is celebrated on the 23rd of April, so Stardoll made some Turkey themed clothing. Luckily, the glasses are the only thing superstar and the prices aren't that high either. Nothing is dark or anything, apart from the belt.

I thought the glasses were interesting because they're really freaky. I did some research and I found these, 1960's Correna France sunglasses:

They're not exactly the same, but I think these are the glasses that Stardoll made.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trash Art Gallery

If there is any artists here, you will appreciate this new contest. The theme is still recycling. As you can see, the "Current Top Five Trash Art Stars" feature is currently broken.

There's another glitch. The second line of rating stars is a bit mixed up. Magnify to check it out.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Vampire Tube Dress

This dress is in the wardrobe of most dark users. It looks totally awesome in my opinion. If you wear it, probably tons of pinky users will send you hate messages because most pinky users hate it. So it can give you a few nice moments with "smart" people which happens with me a lot. The originally price of the Vampire Tube Dress is 10$, but since it's not in starplaza anymore you can find it in starbazaars, like I did. Here's the Stardoll version:

In real life, its from Zac Posen:

Ugly, uglier, the ugliest

Have you seen the new Hot Buys dress yet?

It's made by Preen Line. It's all in pink, it looks like there's a bra on the dress and the Stardoll version has really nasty holes. Alot of people agree this is the ugliest Hot Buys piece so far, even the ones that like pink. I was just wondering what you think?