Wednesday, 31 August 2011

123456789 Zombies

I did a combined post of some new free crap. First off, we have the "zombie clothes". Here they are:

Now I'm not sure what you think Zombies look like, but I'm pretty sure even they have enough fashion style not to wear that.
There's also some free clothes for reaching 123456789 members:

I could live with the dress and the tights aren't that horrible, but the clutch and the shoes are to barf on. All I can say about these is
STARDOLL, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? NOBODY LIKES THIS CRAP. Get yourself together and start being cool again 'cause you're losing popularity. No number of members will change that because new members might be coming, but the old ones are leaving and soon the new ones will be to.


  1. I love the tights, but everything else to me is bland and boring. I like the 'zombie' shorts, but then again I still wouldn't wear them. Everything else is, like you said, crap.

  2. the zombie clothes are crappy!I start thinking that stardoll choosed a random title for this offer....

  3. Dear whoever came up with those 'zombie clothes':
    What. The. Fuck.
    Somebody who never usually swears.

    Seriously. Those are just...ugh. We need an Anarchy on Stardoll inspired shop, not just a few clothes! Pretty sure we could get some decent zombie clothes then.
    As for the free items...well, they're free and free items never seem to be good. I like the tights. The rest? Not so much. My recycling bin enjoyed them.

  4. Yea, why they chose the Zombie theme is beyond me too and the clothes look like they were randomly picked from a goodwill reject pile (no offence to goodwill, ofc).
    The free clothes for the 123456789 cellebration I saved the tights and the rest is in storage never to see daylight again ;p

  5. I only love the tights. The rest are, WhatTheFuck?

  6. fuck! im so glad i spent my sc on the wrong days

  7. Ugh. What the fuck man, I had my hopes up and was hoping the zombie theme was going to be good... but obviously it looks awful. The only decent item is the tights :\.

  8. i only like the bag....everything STUPID.......any
    way the dress is not that bad and the tights are kinda cool but the shoes are UGLY< FUNKY. :P the clucth can be nice but not for goths!

  9. I expected more by Zombie Clothes....BTW, the tights by 123456789's promotion is the only beautiful thing there :/

  10. The string clothes freebies were crap too. I do like the "zombie" clutch and boots. - Ennui