Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Courtney Love on Stardoll

Have you noticed our latest doll?

Stardoll released Courtney Love to dress up. I'm personally not a fan of Courtney, I actually despise her personality a lot. But I'm a huge Hole fan (she was the singer of the band) and it's not everyday that Stardoll releases dolls related with Grunge.
Unfortunately I didn't like the clothes at all. But I want to know if anyone here got excited to have Courtney on stardoll, so give us a comment!


  1. YAYY I AM SO HAPPY XD I love Hole, and Courtney [even with her wacky personality] :D I love her clothes too, some of them are from Hole music videos. The clothes can be cute if you wear them right I guess :P

  2. I didn't like the clothes too... I think they aren't well designed... But I really like Hole, so I like to have her on the site =)

  3. Honestly, the clothes are horrible. Stardoll could have done a lot better....

  4. I only like Hole and Courtney only music wise.

    Other than that, I could give a flying fuck about her.

  5. I liked only the bracelet, but the others clothes...UGH!!

    BTW, I love Hole and Courtney, even though she's too crazy xD

  6. The clothes aren't that great, I think Stardoll messed up on this one...