Saturday, 20 August 2011


Stardoll has released some fascinating chokers over the years and I'd love to show them to you and present with some similar real life chokers. If you don't know what a choker is, it's a close-fitting necklace that's worn tight around the neck.
A form of chokers is made with beads:

Chokers, made with laces:

I wouldn't really consider this a category, but Stardoll released a spider web choker and I found some resembling ones:

Velvet (or any other soft fabric) chokers:

Leather chokers with spikes, claws or any other metal ornaments:

I've also found some fascinating chokers that don't fit any category, but look absolutely amazing:

If you like chokers, you should definitely grab one. I recommend the Alchemy Gothic collection in this shop (it's safe, I've ordered from it before).


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL. I especially like the velvet and lace ones :]

  2. Love chokers! :D I wear them in real-life and on Stardoll. I really like the velvet one with the vampire bite design.

  3. Loved the post. Wish I could find the pearl and the web choker on Stardoll.
    My favs from the RV are the lace and velvet ones and the slashed neck effect choker is very original and kinda funny in a freaky way ;p

  4. I own a couple of them in real life but I rarely wear them because they are beaded and they look a bit formal. Where did you find the plastic red one at the end of the post that looks like someone have cut your neck?


  6. I love the bike chain choker. I want it so badly. But I don't really have the right clothing to wear with chokers like all that stuff. I have mostly band T-shirts. What kind of clothing would you wear with the lacy or beaded chokers?

  7. I love chokers, BTW I made some laces chokers for me:

  8. I love the velvet ones!
    check this also:
    it's a diy choker/necklace.It's very impressive!

  9. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. chokers