Thursday, 25 August 2011

Zombie time

There's a brand new offer from Stardoll. Spending 100 stardollars or moreuntil this Sunday will result in getting back some stardollars and getting 10 "zombie gifts". I'm not sure about these zombie gifts myself because Stardoll probably has a different idea of zombie fashion. We'll see though.

There's probably a trick though. There's always a trick. If you wanna buy something, I suggest you wait until Sunday to buy it. I'm pretty sure something expensive will be released after the offer is over, too. Here's a few clothes I'd love to see them release though:


  1. OMG! I love these shoes and biginis! I wanna theme! But I live in Finland and here don'r are so awesome cluthos ;(

  2. I'd love it, if these items were released :D But honestly, I don't think they will :/

  3. I think those 'zombie gifts' are the clothes on the picture.

    Btw. Love the bikini!

  4. does anyone know the brand of the boots?! omg they're beautiful *.* if u know it please help! :D tnx! xoxoxo

  5. The boots are Dr. Martens and here I found where u can buy them :)
    -Amazon :
    -Endless :

    GRAY (glow in the dark)
    -Scorpio shoes :

    GREEN (glow in the dark)
    -Shoe buy :
    hope it helps! :)

  6. @missmanga, there might be a prox to get it, and if starbazzar wil probably have the items.
    imjust saving for that day ince gt money back

  7. I was so disappointed when I read the message. I saw the title and I though, ooh! Ooky-spooky clothes! Me likes! Instead, it's another plea for our money.
    Oh well.

  8. Well,the stardoll's zombie clothes looks like more like Trashion-Fashion's new pieces



  9. Mortalkiss13 on SD28 August 2011 at 14:42

    yeah don't think of spending 100 stardollars becouse:
    1. don't have that much
    2. I don't want to be a happy owner or some bull shit.

  10. OMG...the boots *.*

    I looooooove it!!! :D

  11. awesome love it got my attention