Friday, 2 December 2011

Holiday calendars

December started and we got our holiday calendars! The first one is the usual advent calendar, but a new thing is the hot buys calendar. My predictions are that these things will become really valuable since they will only be available for two days so buy them while you can. The first four are already available. They're not bad. Here's the photos and the links:

Holiday Calendar

Hot Buys Calendar

P.S.: For anyone who doesn't know, the last gift each year except last year was 25 stardollars.


  1. I wish we get money...Since Stardollars are available for all they would come in handy!!

  2. I missed out on ever getting free cash from SD. I had no idea they'd ever done that!

  3. I only like the HB calendar... but I won't buy everything... just the items I like most :)