Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Save the Queen headpiece

A Union Jack top hat is available today as the 20th Holiday calendar gift. It's one of my favorite calendar items so far. It's called Save the Queen headpiece, it costs 90 starcoins and today is the last day it's available. Instead of the blue part of the flag, this one has black. That makes it easier to match.

In real life, it's part of an exhibit, called Hats: An Anthology by Steven Jones. What that actually is, is a collection of unique, one of a kind hats, made for a museum. If you google it, you'll find some more great hats. And here is the photo:


  1. aww fuck, i was going to buy that tomorrow *facepalm*

  2. I bought it, thats awesome and its one of my favorite pieces in that calendar :D

  3. I bought it too!!! It's the best item of the Holiday Calendar in my opinion!