Friday, 30 December 2011

January Hotbuys

The picture of January Hotbuys is now available on the starblog. I guess there's nothing special expect for the leggings:

Hot buys shorts - Evil Panda - 3rd January - 17$
Hot buys Sunglasses - Spectacular - 6th January - 13$
Hot buys Hat - RIO - 9th January - 13$
Hot buys Faux Fur Coat - RIO - 11st January - 23$
Hot buys Mesh T-shirt - Pretty in Love - 15th January - 16$
Hot buys Glitter Dress - Voile - 18th January - 25$
Hot buys Bag - Fudge - 20th January - 8$
Hot buys Heart Leggings - Bonjour Bizou - 22nd January - 14$
Hot buys Mesh shirt - Fudge - 26th January - 13$
Hot buys Wedges - Bonjour Bizou - 29th January - 11$

Will you buy anything?


  1. Tights are the only thing worth purchasing. Worst collection I've seen yet.

  2. These clothes are disgusting. especially those shorts lol. I really hope theres a glitch withthe tights so non-ss people can buy them :)


  3. Like the hat, that's about it.

  4. So cheap and ugly!
    I was insane enough to buy the shorts!
    But they arent that bad, i also like the tights but the HAT! reminds me of 50pence from MiHigh :L

    Love Nataliecuti!

  5. I love the tights *-* and I like that glitter dress too... but that's all! This collection has the most ugly HBs ever!

  6. Hi guys! I wanna know if there's a dark designer clothes for boys! c: