Monday, 5 December 2011

New LE

Three floors of Limited Edition were released today. If you were like me and got there a bit late, then everything was already sold out. As always, some pieces look good and some are just a big fail. Photos:

There's also a hidden pair of gloves that can only be found via search. They're still available and only 30 stardollars so if you're looking for something affordable, this is how they look like:


  1. I'm not an LE fan, they are too kicth and too colorfull but i was lucky to get 8 pieces that i actually wanted and i think they worth the money.

  2. I shopped via the search. I did find those red arm things, but the one dress I had picked out from the spoilers was already gone by the time I got there.

    I love the gargoyle!!

  3. Yea I took a look at the shop and then hit search and shopped from there.
    The red gloves caught my eye but they are ill-fitting so I didn't buy them.
    I was able to buy everthing I had my eye on but was disappointed with a few other items I expected to be better like the Fringe Boots and the Gold Karat Top and Skirt - some pieces have very poor graphic quality and not worth half the money they cost :(

  4. There were three items I wanted to buy: the black leggings and the golden roses... But I got there late, so I could only buy the small rose. But I'm love with that legging *-*

  5. I'd like to have the black leggings and golden roses belt. But lately LE is a quite boring :(

  6. The only items I liked where all golden rose accessories and I bought the belt but I absolutely hate everything else.