Saturday, 18 June 2011

111,111,111 members celebration

Stardoll proudly celebrates the event of having 111,111,111 slaves doing its biddings and paying them money (joking. No, seriously, that's a joke, but it doesn't mean it contains no truth). It now promises a lot of stuff to receive which you have to do usual things, e.g. buying stardollars, selling on starbazaar, buying from it, etc. (five points for your house if you tell me about the last time Stardoll was original, even a tiny little bit). The magnificent poster (how amazing that would look as a poster) looks this:

I suddenly find the game Globetrotter so amazing

P.S. my interview is coming, like, soon. If you're still interested.


  1. The dress at the bottom's nice, but to have to become SS for it just isn't worth it.
    Globetrotter is kinda fun x] But I suck at it... bah d: Ah well.

  2. I LOVE the last dress!It looks like AMAZING


  3. Globetrotter! Seems like a dream that will never come back!
    Can't wait for your interview!

  4. I like the itens, but I'm selling some of them :)

    Check out my sale!! ^^