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Interview with black_mermaid

Here I am with my interview, confessing all my sins. (I suck at introductions.)

Who is your inspiration in life? – abashwans139
I am one of those people who don’t
have one specific idol because I think that looking up for someone too much can be fatal (quoting Kurt Cobain – “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”), so I prefer liking some people and taking examples from certain things they do (like someone has said, life is not for finding yourself, it is for creating yourself). My biggest inspiration is John Irving, an American novelist; I am fascinated by his subtle sense for sarcasm (not everyone gets that), not like MD Gregory House’s (sometimes I think that I will grow up to be like him – hated by everyone and alone (not really bothered about it though – I guess we’re both so full of ourselves that other people aren’t necessary), though not having any trace of talent and not affecting anyone’s lives). I am also inspired by Frank Iero (having this much energy and being crazy, that’s how a real musician should be; like Gerard Way said about him, “Everybody brings their own kind of heart to the band, he brought this reckless kind of passion that I really think expressed our music") and Charles Bukowski (another writer, and poet as well), who is an example that going to school and having a well-paid job doesn’t mean everything in life.

In which era would you wa
nt to live? – LilaFlo
Since I started reading Jack Londo
n, I have been in love with the Gold Rush (I’ve liked it before but I didn’t know much about it then), so I would love to have been born about 20 years before it started. I would have kicked a lot of guys’ asses :) only because of my stubbornness (which adds up to my constant belief that I am always right). I would have loved to travel long hard ways (I’ve just finished another J.London’s book in which a man only survives because his mind is strong, although the body is nearly dead) and everything (though I acknowledge I do not know how it all was – nobody knows how difficult it is to travel across mountains in winter, live when you don’t know whether you will see another day, or being in a war, for some, and such), and, most of all, Alaska itself, because it seems different from the rest of the USA, unless it was then, because I don’t like the idea of living in the USA.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? – flossy101girl
After watching “Jumper” I started wishing I was one too. Also, it was so impressive I can’t really think of any other superpower which I could use (who needs invisible or elastic girls, they’re old fashioned and useless, and boring). B
eing a Jumper would be amazing, especially with Paladins and stuff.

Do you dress similarly in real life and on Stardoll, e.g. if you consider yourself Goth on Stardoll, are you Goth in real life? – Serendibite
Just to be clear: I don’t consider myself belonging to any of the styles, and being, for example, a Goth, is not about dressing in a certain way.
Since on Stardoll I have much more clothes than in real life, certainly I can dress myself more freely and with more imagination, but sometimes I dress my doll in a way I would look on a casual day in reality (like this, for example):

But there are only a few things in my Stardoll closet I would never, under any circumstances, wear in real life.

When did you start to like alternative styles? – Serendibite

It all started with Stardoll :) A lot of people I liked there liked Green Day, so I thought I’d give it a try (I was fascinated by their name – green has been my favorite colour for several years now), and with them came a whole new world. I think it was in the beginning of 2007.

What are your bad habits that you wanna stop
? – asimeniana
I used to bite my nails since I have had my first tooth, and I am proud to say
I don’t do this anymore (a bit like smoking – if you don’t have the will, nothing else will help you, like awful-tasted polish), but I still have the habit to have my nails in my mouth and here comes the polish-eating. I have to repolish them every three days, because the nail polish which lasted the longest on my nails stayed there for four days.

Which character (from a movie, book, cartoon, etc.) is your alter ego and why? – undeanpinup
Since I read a lot of books, I find a lot of characters that are more or less like me in some ways, but I was simply astonished by Jonathan from “Doing it” (by Melvin Burgess), because he is an exact reflection of myself (except for a few things, like being a guy, and a few smaller, but I have never been a guy, so maybe I would have done them anyway). He talks like me, his jokes are similar to those I make (e.g. “My face looked like shitpaper, as Jonathan was very kind to notice”), and even one of his biggest fears is exactly like mine.

(Please notice: I have only read the book translated into Li
thuanian and I do not know whether this sentence from the book I wrote is the same as in the original, but I think you got the idea.)

If you could go out for dinner with anyone, who would it be and why? – unknown
I’d choose John Irving, my fav
orite author. I have some questions for him I’m burning to ask. (e.g. “Why BEARS?” You won’t understand this one unless you have read at least a few of his books.)
I’d also like to have dinner with Jamie Bell, my fav
orite actor, maybe I would seduce him, haha :)

Which is your favorite painting and why? – jonas_16_17
I am not a fan of this kind of art, nor
do I know much about it, but I say “Scream”, not for the painting itself but for the story behind it. Its author was synesthesic, he imagined something on the bridge when he was walking there and then he painted it. (Excuse my poor knowledge of art.) Currently my favorite artworks are “Danger Days” cover photo by Frank Iero (with whom I would fancy the dinner too) and cover photo of “Last night in Twisted River” (last book by John Irving) by Everett Irving.

How do you free yourself from the restraints of everyday life? I.e. what is your escape? – Rogue182
Music, most often. I am a dreamy person, I mostly live in my
own world, music helps. I also like writing, so I imagine a lot of stuff and I write about most of it (I mean, the part which seems quite earthly, yet still sometimes hard to believe. My friends say I have a talent for that). Watching movies helps, too.

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  6. I love Jack London. I have a lot of his books in my bookcase. My dad was a huge fan when he was little and urged me to read White Fang.I read it, really liked it, and borrowed a lot more from my aunt who has this huge library in her house. He has very deep writing.

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