Monday, 27 June 2011

July Hot Buys

The picture of the new Hot Buys clothing line was revealed in the Stardoll magazine!

A few Fallen Angel pieces are about to be released and I personally think some items do look good.
For those interested, the dates and corresponding stores:

Hotbuys Belt - Fallen Angel - 3rd July - 10$
Hotbuys Pleated Dress - RIO - 6th July - 26$
Hotbuys Lipstick Earrings - Splendid - 8th July - 12$
Hotbuys Shoes - RIO - 11th July - 12$
Hotbuys Cape - Fallen Angel - 14th July - 23$
Hotbuys Lipstick Necklace - Splendid - 16th July - 15$
Hotbuys Dress - Bisou - 19th July - 25$
Hotbuys Turban- Tingeling - 23rd July - 11$
Hotbuys Jacket - Fallen Angel - 26th July - 24$
Hotbuys Butterfly Bag - Pretty in Love - 28th July - 12$


  1. Personally, I find them all hideous except for purse. :|

  2. I like most of them... and will actually wait until I see them on my doll before I make a final decision... I don't care too much for the cape, as far as I can tell now.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. I love the shoes!!! *-* They're so gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to have them!!!

  4. they look interesting.defintely better than the last month's hotbuys!

  5. The cape is incredible! :3 Wish I could have in real life too!

  6. More interesting than it has been for a while. :o You could create some really unique looks with these.

  7. Most of them are really beautiful!! Finally this month has nice HBs :)