Monday, 27 June 2011

hidden Beastly dolls

There's some hidden dolls again. They're from the Beastly movie, just like the clothes we wrote about in this post. If you've seen the movie, then you'll know who the dolls are.
(credit for doll links to Underneath Stardoll)

Beastly Lindy
(By the way, don't you just love those boots? I'd buy them in a second if they were sellable.)

Beastly Kendra

Beastly Kyle

This doll is a bit useless right now because the top isn't removable - so there's another doll, almost the same;

(Alex Pettyfer, the actor)

I thought the movie was good, partly because of the idea (a person's exterior isn't as important as their personality), partly because I thought the "ugly" Kyle was cute with all the skin modifications. If you haven't seen the movie yet, here's the trailer:

And if you don't/won't like it because of its predictableness or the actors, I recommend the movie Penelope. The plot is similar, it's about a girl, born with a pig's nose that needs to find her true love to be normal again. Penelope is portrayed by the incredible Christina Ricci (Wednesday Addams anyone?). I guarantee you, the movie is amazing!


  1. This is really quite hilarious to me. Beastly is almost released on DVD in like the USA yet it hasn't even come to cinemas in Australia.
    I would probably see it if it wasn't for Vanessa Hudgens. I find her quite a terrible actress....

  2. I dont like the movie but I agree with the boots, I'd buy of corse :D

  3. I saw Beastly and it was quite amazing yet predictable! I have also seen Penelope because Christina Ricci is just amazing! *..*

  4. This has nothing to do with the movie ^^ but have you noticed that the Kendra's doll has the same clothes of one of the Olsen Twins's doll???

  5. I agree with Tatiane_js...its the same clothes o.0

  6. I'm not interested in the movie nor the dolls..

    But I would buy the boots :)