Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Summer blowout

As usual, Summer arrives with a new gift-o-meter on Stardoll. This one incorporates the new money system with Stardollars and Starcoins which means that non-superstar users can also get some gifts. These are the clothes you can get:

For the most expensive prices you must spend 1000Starcoins and 350Stardollars.
Is any of you likely to spend some extra money to get these? Remember you can always get the clothes later on starbazaar.


  1. I'll just spend as much as I want...The gifts are awful as always...:/

  2. Erk... these are hideous, as usual... I'll just wait for them to come out in starbazzar, maybe I'll get them then.

  3. i have them all!!!

  4. If I get some by chance, okay, why not. Then I'll sell them on starbazaar later. They are so hideous.

  5. I don't like them. :/
    But tbh, it's worth getting them free. :)

  6. asimeniana(stardoll)4 June 2011 at 19:22

    i just wanna thank you for all your amazing posts and thank you for putting some of my favourite songs!

  7. I like some of them.
    on the first doll i like all th clothes without the awfull bag
    on the 2st doll i like a bite the glashes
    on the 3d doll i like all the stuff without the skirt
    on the 4d doll i like all the stuff Bloom-1999