Tuesday, 4 October 2011

October Hot Buys

The new Hot Buys are out and I think this collection is a bit better than all the other ones. The skirt and tights look amazing, I just hope they'll be cheap, too. I also love the hair on the doll, anyone else hoping it'll be released?

As always, dates and stores:

Hot Buys Necklace - Rio - 4th October - 13$
Hot Buys Pleather Skirt - Fallen Angel - 6th October - 14$
Hot Buys Boots - Rio - 8th October - 11$
Hot Buys Jacket - Stardoll - 10th October - 16$
Hot Buys Belt Jacket - Bisou - 13th October - 18$
Hot Buys Web Sweater - Fallen Angel - 15th October - 15$
Hot Buys Star Bag (pink) - Evil Panda - 17th October - 12$
Hot Buys Star Bag (black) - Evil Panda - 17th October - 12$
Hot Buys Dress - Rio - 20th October - 19$
Hot Buys Tights - Fallen Angel - 25th October - 12$
Hot Buys Tank - Fudge - 27th October - 16$


  1. You missed the tights (on the release date list)
    But I have to agree with you that the tights and skirt are the best ones here [: Will definitely get them [:
    And the hairstyle is really lovely, getting some new ones is always welcome on stardoll :D

  2. I think im gonna buy some of it cuz it looks yeah cool :D

    from anna115

  3. Most of those are honestly amazing Dxx I especially like the belted jacket and tights.

  4. I agree, the tights & skirt are the best ones.. of course lol

  5. If the boots were at their original color, they would be awesome as the skirt and the thights...

  6. They're actually nicer than the other ones this year :D