Wednesday, 30 March 2011

100 Million members: here comes the whipped cream

(just to make myself clear: I hate whipped cream since the last time I ate it because I was vomitting all night. cheers)

Stardoll is being more generous than it has been in last 100 or so years

Since I'm not going to do any of these (except spending my 100 free stardollars. Woohoo. I'm rather enjoying myself today) and I'm in a very good mood today, I'll thank Stardoll for giving those 100 Stardollars even for non-ss members (I'm not going to mention how everything non-superstar can be bought for about 100 sd in all. Enjoy yourself too). Usually those "gifts" turned out to be just stuff members would be selling on starbazaar later (or wiser members just recycling them because they know nobody would be going to buy them - except that Valentine's day Gift-o-meter when after that I bought that awesome black jacket on starbazaar), and speaking of gifts, stardoll is giving out free items for members who upgrade their ss status or renew it


  1. Lol I love whipped cream <33
    I'm very happy too that they're giving us all 100 stardollars.... I'm going to use a couple of my spare accounts that have over 50 starpoints and get them to buy something from my SB for 100sd... sshh.. don't tell stardoll :D

  2. Yeah, I liked the whipped cream too.. ^^

  3. I don't know what whipped cream is! xD I got the 100 stardollars and they were indeed really helpful at making my suite!! :DDDD

  4. they never gave me free stardollers!!! ;-(