Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hot Buys Vest

The first (and my favorite) Hot Buy is out - the Hot Buys Vest. It can be found in the (recently redecorated) Rio store. It costs 12$, which is quite cheap compared to the Hot Buys prices these days (remember the horrific long dress from last month that costed 23$?). If used right, it looks fabulous.

In real life, it's from the new Ralph Lauren cowgirl-like collection. The collection mixes the cowgirl style with fashion - loving it! Here's the photo:


  1. I bought it the day it came out. And wore it that day. I might try it with a dress after seeing the RL version. I just wish the SD version was as long as the RL one.

  2. Ok, I just sent an idea to stardoll about pin codes, i.e they would be asked when we buy/sell items, delete account, save suite, recyle. The pin code would be created by us, and could only be retrieved by answering a personal question: i.e: What was your first pets name?. It would be optional to those who want to be safe. With this pin code, the hacker wouldn't be able to recyle, buy anything, sell our rares, make our suite a mess or even delete our account. If you like this message, then please send it to stardoll.

    idea by twilight.katie

  3. It reminds a lot something about westerns...O.o I'm not really into it!

  4. Sincerely, I didnt like it, it's like cowgirl (boy) :)