Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Pop Shop floors

Stardoll has decided to release two new floors on Pop Shop store with the New York theme. Some items are really cheap and also non-superstar, which is great. Pictures below:

One item in particular caught my attention. I loved the Brooklyn Bridge, it's great for New York lovers creations. Unfortunately, it's for Superstar members only and it costs 10$. Brooklyn Bridge:

Did any of you buy something?


  1. No and I'm not planning to...I don't think anything of these will come in handy for my decor!!! (-:

  2. I bought some things!the window frame the red umbrella and the bricks!
    the lamps are also nice!

  3. I bought very little of this, and only for my blackcowstar account. I didn't see the Brooklyn Bridge! Gotta go back...

  4. I like some things, but I didnt buy them yet :3