Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pre-100 Million Users Party

Stardoll started celebrating too early.

The commemorative items are, in my opinion, the worse ones so far.

We got some black glasses with a city skyline on top of them, two rectangles with the same skyline inside (they do remind me a lot of the experience How do ants live in space) in hot pink and black, not very expensive and non-Superstar. For Superstar members, Stardoll released two dark blue dresses.

See the items for yourself:

Please note that not every item in the image is related to the 100 Million users campaign.


  1. Seems par for the course for Stardoll these days, really. Horrible. Nothing commemorative yet, either. Nothing free.

  2. Right now there are only about 98,381,831 members, stardoll has started to "celebrate" too early.

  3. they think they can get 2mil members in 2 days or so... they really bore me when they do things like this... 2 million menbers are like 1/5 of all the people in my country! this numbers are so fake! most of acconts that are helping them with the big fat number are desactivated or are adicional/fake accounts that are never used! i once send them a message to tell me the real number of "USED" accounts and, of course, they never answered me....

  4. Pathetic...Also considering that having visited some people I realised that most of them are unactive for months or years...So it's not actually 100 million...:)