Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March Starplaza sale

There's some pretty cool stuff up for sale this month (after months of useless stuff), one of them being a Hot Buy. I also know all the real life versions so I thought I'd brag about it and show them to you. Are you gonna buy any of these?

1: Lace Peep Up Dress, Rio, 7$
2: Studded Shoulder Tee, Bisou, 5$
3: Hot Buys Belted Top, Bisou, 8$
4: Silver Heels, Tingeling, 2$

Emilio Pucci, Alexander McQueen, Diesel Black Gold, Alexander McQueen
Click on each to magnify.

(These shoes deserve a bigger image because they're just brilliant.)


  1. I love the shoes,they are awesome...I don't think it's fair that the HB item is on sale

  2. I sold that same HB top in my starbazaar last week for 22sd. I bought another one this morning, along with the studded black top. I'm going to go buy the top along with the dress for my blackcowstar account.

    Thanks for letting us know!

  3. Awesome itens....I like of shoes and HB :D

  4. the shoes are MINDBLOWING!!! hope they're not for ss!!!

  5. shoes are fantastic, they deserve better image on stardoll, if i wouldn`t see this post on your blog, i wouldnt notice them at the stardoll store :)

  6. I didn't know the shoes were McQueen and so I ran and bought them quick.Your site is very good and I like the way you reference people to other links for more info.