Sunday, 20 March 2011

Idoru Bloomers

Some time ago, along with the amazing Goth Idoru Doll, Stardoll released a black bloomers which are really rare to see in any medoll nowadays. I personally adore them in Gothic looks, it looks really different from the usual outfits I see out there. You can purchase them at the Fallen Angel store for 4$ and they're non-superstar which is great. Here's how they look like:

In real life, they're called Gothic/Lolita Bloomers and, in my opinion, they look amazing. I've eventually found two pictures that look really similar to the Stardoll version:

And two more Bloomers versions:


  1. I wish I had the outfit at the 3rd picture! O.o Haha but yeah they're pretty great!

  2. Funny, I never consider ever buying these. Seen 'em in the FA store, but not my style... or so I thought. Now that I've seen these pics, I believe they are super cool!

    Thanks so much! Oh, and I too, love the 3rd pic. It's the one that convinced me I could carry this off with my blackcowstar account!

  3. I love them, may get some in real life.

  4. I loooove them :3 I have them and I haven't used them in my medoll for so long!

    I love the ones in the second picture. I'll get one of them in real :]

  5. they are adorable!
    i have them but i dont use them very's difficult to fit them right in a look!