Friday, 11 March 2011

Spring Surprises

The old strategy of making people spending even more money is back. See by yourself:

Before starting to spend the money (like many do), I recommend you to check the picture below with all the gifts:

Think it's worth it? I don't.


  1. Thank you for pic with gifts ♥

    I've got only bottom ;/ but I should get more gifts ;/

  2. O.o Having judged by the black box and the balck advertisment I thought it was something nicer...I'm a bit dissapointed!

  3. I prefer to give the money for these clothes for real clothes.

  4. Yesterday, when this supposedly started, I spent 25 SD and got nothing. Nothing at all. It's a gimmick. I hate this kinda stuff, because what they're giving away is CRAP.

  5. except two pieces I like all the others I think are crappy...
    The funny part is that stardoll has currently a problem with this thing and there is a huge confusion!!!some members have gotten all the gifts without spending more than 10sd and some others have taken huge ammounts of money as refunds for their purchases...

  6. OMG...Stardoll is disappointing me for every gifts they give. I won't go spend my money with these things D:

    Jany Richter