Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Miss Sixty Collection

Usually I like Miss Sixty. Bright colors, interesting patterns.
Not this time, however.
Hew floor hasn't been installed yet, and you can find them in 'New' section or via Search. Except, it shows different prices here and there:

Wtf was that?
And btw, clothes are horrible.


  1. Everything costs 123 stardollars O.o

  2. OH MY GOD 123$?? I never really liked Miss Sixty collections!!! Plus I'm not ss and if I was I wouldn't spend so many money just on ONE cloth!

  3. Some of them are ok...the price is certainly a glitch

  4. If you "search" for them,you can find the same pieces for the original prices...On plaza could be a bug o.0

  5. It was a glitch and it's been fixed now. I bought 3 pairs of boots!!

  6. i don't like them!
    when i saw the spoilers i thought that the black coat was great..But it looks awful in my medoll so I won't buy anything!