Friday, 29 October 2010

80 million users campaign

or something. You probably got the message starting 80..., and you may already know that it's only a matter of time a number of people who have sold their souls to stardoll will reach 80 million. So, stardoll offers us this:
sounds like something, but I remember times when 'cute dresses' costed 5 stardollars


  1. I remember when cute dresses that costed 25 Stardollars were "OMFG THAT'S SO EXPENSIVE!!!!" and for rich members only

  2. I so remember those times! I did my whole collection back'd save and save and luckily you'd get a rare for 300, 400 most things -not even real rares -are worth 500sd. Getting a rare these days is almost impossible, means disbursing thousands...Anyway...

    Nice job, like the blog altho I'm a bit old to share the emo/gothic style, at least in real life ;)

    Come visit any time. I made a special collection of designs for Halloween that are close to gothic, black, red and dark. Check my walk-in-closet, it's set as a showroom.

    Nice to have met you!