Thursday, 21 October 2010

New Sunny Bunny collection

Personally, I think that the new Sunny Bunny collection it's the best from the 3. We have new glasses, hair extensions, earrings and (instead of the eye lenses) we have piercings for 2$ and 3$. And don't forget to be original, we can make tons of different things with the items we have today:

I'm loving this Stardoll month. Amazing freebies and great stores!


  1. Bought all piercings except the eyebrow ones dont like them colored. Also bought the black bangs and why do the hair extensions have to come with fruits attached? The purple ones are totally awesome.

  2. YAY i luff the piercings im glad their not like 5 or 6sds. I'm getting them, the bang,and the hair extensions. ;]

  3. Awww... This store is great! :)

  4. Raven/diamond_lilly22 October 2010 at 08:57

    Awesome!!! i cant get on stardoll atm, can someone please tell me if the black bangs are ss or not and how much they are? thanksies :D