Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Diamond Symbol.

So today I was asked a lot of times about having a diamond next to my Stardoll Avatar:
I formulated an hypothesis, and did some research to confirm my suspicions.

The diamond is indicating that that user is a member of Stardoll Royalty, a club where supposably anyone who has been Superstar for more than a year is added (we cannot leave the club, sadly).

So for anyone who is wondering, here is your answer.


  1. My ss ness is like a year long, but I'm not in the club,
    and I am like loved on Stardoll. lol jk haha.

    I think I should be in it lol.

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  3. I think its such a stupid club! last week this girl told me that i was invited to a club, and according to the owner, it was for people who werent in stardoll royalty but should be. stardoll cant come up with better ways to waste our time now, and i hate that they make exclusive clubs when everyone should be treated the same. my stardoll name is littleredlady btw

  4. I wanted to be in the club but I can't because I can't afford the superstar membership. I have a lot of starpoints but I guess, they are all about the money.