Thursday, 28 October 2010

November Hot Buys

Nothing worth mentioning this time, just like nearly always. Boring pink (though not ultra girly, I have to admit). See it for yourself:
Names and release dates:

Hot Buys Dress - Bisou, November 4th
Hot Buys Big Poncho
- Folk, November 9th
Hot Buys Pale Dress
- Tingeling, November 12th (This one is kinda interesting, though pink)
Hot Buys Glitter Bag - RIO, September 14th
Hot Buys Shorts - RIO, November 15th
Hot Buys Leggings - Pretty in Pink, November 17th
Hot Buys Leather Dress - RIO, November 19th
Hot Buys Digital Watch - Fudge, November 21st
Hot Buys Uggs - RIO, November 25th (I have to admit, I don't know why people wear those shoes. Maybe they are comfortable, but uggly as hell)
Hot Buys Bracelet - Fallen Angel, November 29th


  1. I like the digital watch...

  2. Uggs = ughh!!!!
    Hope the pink bow dress comes out nice although I hate pink think its my fav piece of all.