Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Anarchy Inspired

As you can imagine, we are all thrilled about having our own inspired Fallen Angel collection in the Starplaza. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, scroll down to the older posts and see for yourself.
If you check Starplaza today, you will see this:

Altough it already says Inspired by ANARCHY ON STARDOLL (and they did copy our logo perfectly) those are not the outfits we chose and made.
According to the email stardoll sent us, the real inspired outfits will be released this Thursday.
Let us know what you think, when you see them! Feedback will be welcome and appreciated.


  1. Still its trully a honor.
    And the rest of the clothes looks great :)

  2. and we already got our free items \m/ first time in, like, three years I can say Stardoll rocks

  3. omg this is amazing O_O Plus we have some clothes for free!

  4. Yup, Stardoll sent us our own free choices pretty quickly.

  5. This is REALLY cool! I think that stardoll ran out of time to made things for the darker/rocker dolls.

  6. they are really cool too :D