Monday, 4 October 2010


Stardoll carries on releasing useless crap, and it's not even a tiny bit original. (I'm not talking about only the new store, I talk about half of them.) The new money-making shop is called WILD CANDY (in CAPITAL LETTERS, oh yes). The name kills by itself. If you survive long enough to check it out, you'll see nothing more original than Killah, or Front Row, etc. So, about the store itself. All clothes are non-superstar. (What a relief!) I personally think clothes would be bought mostly by girls my sister's age - under 10 years. (Is it just me or is there paralel between this and Justin Bieber's fans). Pink, yellow and other boring bright, sunny colors. I took some pictures, for your horror:


  1. Hate the store. Your posts make me laugh

  2. The clothes are so ugly and boring

  3. Hate all the clothes [except maybe the yellow lepard dress] omg, lepard? Stardoll should work on spelling.