Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spike Trimmed Leggings

Here we have another Tingeling Halloween Couture piece. These leggings cost 30$ at one year ago, but now they're super rare to find. I've been searching for them, for months. If some of you have them, please contact me. Anyways, it's not the best THC piece, in my opinion, but surely it looks awesome:

In real life, it's from Gareth Pugh, a great English fashion designer. Here's the real life version:


  1. I got mine fro 60$ luckily. I think they look amazing though, especially in RL

  2. I don't have them >.< I WANT THEM!

  3. o presente do opera mystery é lindo aquela caveirinha brilhante é perfeita

  4. Wow i dont even remember them lol
    I got like 5 items from that collection though.
    Godd luck finding them :D