Monday, 4 October 2010

October Hot Buys

The new Hot buys collection has fur (yay to Stardoll hypocrisy). Fake or not, it's cruel and cheesy. We also have a Skull earring which (surprise) I also hated. I've always though skulls with ties always give a wannabe look (such as Avril Lavigne). Anyway, I like nothing from it but in case you're interested, here it is the picture with the following released dates:

Hot Buys Skull Earring - Splendid, October 5th
Hot Buys Lace Top - Rio, October 7th
Hot Buys Leather Bag - Bisou, October 9th
Hot Buys Puff Dress - Pretty in Pink, October 14th
Hot Buys Wool Sweater - Bisou, October 16th
Hot Buys Wooden heels - Rio, October 18th
Hot Buys Wool Top - Folk, October 19th
Hot Buys Faux Fur Bolero - Voile, October 21st
Hot Buys Purple Skirt - Fudge, October 24th
Hot Buys Mitten - Pretty in Pink, October 28th


  1. Hmm, the only thing i liked (in fact, loved) is the rio lace top! so cool! *-*

  2. I love the shoes *.* and the bolero is kind of cute too.

  3. I think that someone in the picture looks a lot like SMeyer. maybe I'm just seeing things